Wild camera selection aid

Need help choosing a wildlife camera?

This document explains our devices especially for you. You can of course also take our product choice quiz . Then you will receive a personal offer after 4 simple questions. Would you like to know more about how wildlife cameras work? Then view our wildlife camera starter guide. You can of course also contact us by email , we will respond within one day.

The 2 types of Wild cameras that WildcameraXL offers are:

- Standard wildlife cameras
- Wildlife camera with WIFI

Standard Wild Camera:

These devices are the simplest. Immediately after inserting the SD card and batteries, the camera works 100% automatically and is ready for use (both day and night). The images can be viewed by connecting the camera to your PC or laptop with the supplied cable, or by inserting the wildlife camera memory card into the PC/laptop.
biggest advantages: very easy to use and start up

View our SM4-PRO here
View our EZ2 here

Wildlife camera with WiFi:

These devices are most popular to use as a garden observation camera around the house or, for example, a nearby forest. The wildlife camera is equipped with an internal WIFI hotspot. Download the free app and view/download the images recorded by the wildlife camera from about 20 meters away. The settings of the wildlife camera can also be adjusted remotely, for example switching between taking photos or recording videos, the length of the videos, etc.

*(camera cannot connect to your own router)

biggest advantages: extremely practical for getting images on your mobile for free, viewing them, deleting them or setting up the camera. Camera never has to be removed from its place again.

View our EZ45 here
View our EZ60 here
View our EZ-SOLAR here


Almost identical to the EZ60 but including solar panel. Extremely economical, can last up to 1 year with 1 set of batteries.