How we contribute to a better world

Project Peru (2022)

In May 2022, during the filming of Freeks Wild World, Freek Vonk's team met a man who is committed to protecting areas in Peru where indigenous tribes and animals live. More and more areas are being 'renewed', with the original inhabitants being, as it were, wiped out... To obtain protected area status from the United Nations, many steps are required, including proving the biodiversity and animal species in the area. WildcameraXL came into contact with this party through Freek Spark's team and has made several proposals to collaborate on this, wild cameras are of course ideal for this!

AERES College Friesland (2022)
This college uses Wildcameras from WildcameraXL to teach students more about nature.

Municipality of Antwerp (2022):
The municipality of Antwerp uses about 10 wildlife cameras to monitor vandalism in risk areas and make the city safer for everyone.

Municipality of Amsterdam (2023):
The municipality of Amsterdam is equipped with wildlife cameras from WildcameraXL to monitor local nature and manage it based on this data.

Save The Children (2024)
In May 2024, WildcameraXL will donate 5% of its monthly turnover to the Save the Children foundation. The founder will also run 100km in one stretch. Which raises money for this good cause. For example, the founder, Stijn, wants to raise €50,000 both privately and professionally and feed 10,000 children in disaster areas. Would you like to receive more information? Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the homepage.

Donations to charities:

WildcameraXL donates part of its profits to charities.
For example, WildcameraXL donated to:

- No Wildlife Crime Foundation
- Brabant Landscape Foundation
- Wildlife Friends Foundation
-Greenpeace and Friends
- Save The Children