Partnerships and Projects

Partnerships and Projects:

As WildcameraXL has grown in the Benelux and Germany, nice emails are increasingly coming in asking for partnerships, sometimes by chance and sometimes we are actively approached. Always fun as far as we are concerned, below are some recent projects:

Studio Freek Vonk
WildcameraXL donates wildlife cameras to studio Freek Vonk so that they can better research the behavior of wild animals during their wild adventures.

National Geographic
Mariëlle van U. is a photographer for BBC Willdife and National Geographic, among others. A large number of wildlife cameras are required for an upcoming photo project. WildcameraXL has been approached by this party and has been given the honor to participate.

Municipality of Antwerp (anti-vandalism)
Unfortunately, a lot of vandalism was committed in the evenings in the municipality of Brussels. WildcameraXL contributes to solving this problem by supplying articles that collect evidence and identify vandals.

Pixfactory Publication
WildcameraXL has been allowed to write a publication in the photography magazine Pixfactory. Of course about the benefits of wildlife cameras (for nature photographers). 2 day seminar
WildcameraXL will give a 2-day seminar in June 2022 about wildlife cameras and all aspects involved. About 1200 participants will take part in this.

Publication in Columbus magazine
WildcameraXL also has a publication in the Columbus Travel Magazine.

Municipality of Amsterdam
Uses Wild cameras from WildcameraXL

Conrad Germany
Sells the international line of WildcameraXL

The best Brabant marketer 2022
Team WildcameraXL came 2nd in the final for Best Brabant Marketers. From 81 nominations.