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Want to know if a wildlife camera can help you? Or find out which type suits you best?
After reading this short page you will be able to answer these questions perfectly.

What can I use a wildlife camera for?

The two main applications are nature photography and security .

1. Nature photography : Wildlife cameras are ideal for wildlife photography around the house, on your own property or forest or with permission on other people's land.

2. Security : wildlife cameras are virtually invisible and are ideal for capturing vandals, burglars or other uninvited persons.

Are there animals in my garden?

Yes, from the Veluwe to the Randstad it is full of unique animals. We have already received hundreds of videos from people who were unsure whether there were animals prowling around in their garden/forest. Both in small backyards in centers and in wooded areas.

Wildcamera images submitted by WildcameraXL customers:

Nico W.

Is it easy to record those animals with a wildlife camera?

You can do that with 100% certainty. Our Dutch cameras are set correctly by default. Simply turning it on and hanging it up is sufficient. The cameras can see about 25 meters away. You can take beautiful pictures without any technical knowledge.

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Why can I also get started with a wildlife camera?

- No technical knowledge required, the cameras are set correctly by default
- Simple Dutch manuals
- 7 days Dutch customer service for support

Making the right choice

So many concepts, so many specifications... terrible! We will help you make the right wildlife camera choice. You can do this by completing our product quiz or by reading our short explanation below.

WildcameraXL currently sells 2 types of wildlife cameras:

1. Standard wildlife cameras

2. Wildlife cameras with WIFI

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Wildlife cameras with WiFi:

- Ideal for around the house
- The WiFi is inside the wildlife camera, connecting to your own WiFi is not possible
- Easily view images via the free APP
- Connection possible between mobile/tablet and camera up to about 25 meters (depending on the type)
- Easily download images directly to mobile, adjust settings via app

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Wildlife cameras with WiFi

Standard Wildlife Cameras

- Images can only be viewed on the camera or via PC
- Works easily, simply and quickly
- Ideal around the house or in the forest
- Slightly cheaper for the same premium image quality

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Wildlife cameras


Guaranteed to take the most beautiful day and night photos and videos easily and quickly with these wildlife cameras. This is because no knowledge is required and these devices are delivered ready-made. In addition, they start working for you 100% automatically . If you can't figure it out, there is customer service that is available every day. From Groningen to Maastricht, everyone's garden is teeming with unique animals. If you prefer to have images on your mobile quickly, take a WiFi wildlife camera. Do you enjoy working just as easily, simply with a cable? Then take a standard device.