Wildcamera Lidl kopen: doen of niet doen?
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Buy wild camera Lidl: do it or don't do it?

Everything you need to know about a wildlife camera from Lidl

In my career as a wildlife camera sales advisor, blogger about wildlife photography and product trend watcher, I have heard many different stories about Lidl's wildlife camera. I also tested the wildlife camera from Lidl (both types) myself. In this article I hope that I can give you enough information to facilitate your selection process (if you are looking for a low-budget wildlife camera). Here are all our findings about the 'wild camera Lidl'.

Wild camera Lidl: the specifications

A wildlife camera from Lidl is of course an entry-level model. You don't have to expect special or above-average specifications. However, the device is not at all 'bad' as many claim. However, there are a number of things to seriously consider when purchasing a wildlife camera from Lidl. Certain wildlife camera specifications such as water resistance, distances of the sensors and the angle of view (how wide a camera sensor can detect) are crucial.

Comparison of Lidl wildlife camera and SM4-PRO wild camera

Compare wild camera lidl


Wild camera Lidl

Wild camera SM4-PRO



IP54 (splash-proof)

IP66 (waterproof)

The chance of breaking is +/- 3x greater with the Wildcamera from Lidl

Photo sharpness



Twice as sharp an image with SM4-PRO


Full HD

Full HD

Same quality

Angle of view sensor

180 degrees

180 degrees

Same quality

Low glow or no glow

Low Glow


SM4-PRO is completely invisible to humans or animals (at night)

Camera trigger speed

1 seconds

0.6 seconds

Lidl wildlife camera almost twice as slow in detecting animals

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"Looking at the specifications of Lidl's Wildcamera in relation to the price, it is an excellent device. The price is usually around €89. However, there are better options.. " - Stijn Madou (Wildcamera Specialist)

Advantages and disadvantages of a wildlife camera from Lidl


The biggest advantage is of course the price. A price under €90 for a wildlife camera is very cheap . In addition, Lidl's wildlife camera is also available in two different colors. So you can decide for yourself which color is most suitable for your environment/background.


The disadvantages of the Lidl Wild Camera are that it has a relatively poor camera (only 8 mp), breaks quickly because it is not waterproof and cannot be hung up unseen. Because the LEDs always light up, the camera can be seen by humans and animals with the naked eye, which can deter animals. It is also a pity that the camera can break in the rain, although this would not have happened with one shower.

comparison of Lidl's wildlife camera with other entry-level models

wild camera lidl footage

(left is the 8MP camera, right the 16mp)

Image material Wildcamera Lidl:


Do you want to enjoy a budget wildlife camera in the long term? Then we advise you to look further than Lidl's wildlife cameras. Especially because there are similar cameras with better quality that last longer. We recommend the SM4PRO for all people who want to purchase a simple wildlife camera but want to make a good investment.