Wildcamera Aldi: kopen of niet kopen?
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Wild camera Aldi: to buy or not to buy?

Wildlife camera Aldi

Are you looking for a wildlife camera? Then you often end up at Lidl or Aldi wildlife camera , mainly due to the low prices and the hype. . Why? Because these are widely promoted and have a particularly low price. What does that mean? In the years in which we have been active as game camera advisors for forest rangers, hunters and private parties, one thing has become clear about the Aldi game camera: cheap is expensive! Of course, many people are happy with this wildlife camera. Yet for a few euros more you can buy a wildlife camera with a world of difference in quality. In this article we will try to give our best advice for buying a wildlife camera with the best price-quality ratio. Taking into account that you are looking for an entry-level wildlife camera or the best deal. We hereby list the advantages and disadvantages of Aldi's wildlife camera.

Basic functions of the Aldi Wildcamera

The most important basic functions of Aldi's wildlife camera are reviewed below. We will explain it in such a way that it is easy to understand. If you need more information about using a wildlife camera, you can view our wildlife camera starter guide here.

Aldi Wildcamera vs. WildcameraXL SM4PRO

Aldi Wild camera SM4PRO
WildcameraXL Aldi Wildcamera Vs SM4 PRO
Material ABS plastic ABS plastic
Power supply Via batteries or USB cable Via batteries or USB cable
Type of batteries 4x AA batteries 4x AA batteries, upgrade to 8x AA batteries
Batteries included No No
Standby time 6 months 8 months
Water and dust resistant No Yes
IP rating IP54 (dust-tight and can withstand a downpour) IP66 (waterproof and dust resistant)
Image sensor 1.3 megapixel color CMOS 3 megapixel color CMOS
Video resolution 1920 x 1080P, 25 FPS 1920x1080: 30fps
Megapixels 4 megapixels 24 megapixels
PIR distance 15 m 20 m
PIR angle 60 degrees 60 degrees
Lens 52 degrees wide 90 degrees
With motion sensor Yes Yes
Trigger time 0.8 seconds 0.6 seconds
Memory Up to 32 GB micro SD (8GB included) Maximum 32 GB micro SD (not included)
Dutch instructional videos No Yes
Specialized customer service No Yes
Lifetime warranty possible No Yes
Price €59.99 €119

Wild camera Aldi: image quality

Aldi's wildlife camera has a megapixel count of 5. This means that the lens of the wildlife camera is of very poor to poor quality . With 5MP it is often no longer possible to recognize animals after dusk, but in many cases this is still possible during the day. The average megapixels are around 8-12MP for wildlife cameras. We have developed our own Dutch wildlife camera brand 'Camouflage' and we start from 24 megapixels with our entry-level model .

compare megapixels wildlife camera quality aldi
megapixel research wildlife cameras in the Netherlands

Wild camera Aldi: lighting

The Aldi wildlife camera is equipped with (only) 20+ LEDs. This is not little, but not much either. On average, a good wildlife camera has about 30-40 LEDs. The LEDs provide visible or invisible lighting in the dark. There is a difference in 850nm LEDs and 950nm LEDs:
850nm LEDs: are low-glow and give a light glow in the dark.
950nm LEDs: are no-glow and are 100% invisible and do not disturb the animals.

left: light glow = visible, possibly disturbing (850nm)
Right: invisible, non-disruptive LEDs (950nm)

low glow and no glow wildlife camera LEDs

We often see that animals show avoidant behavior with low glow cameras, because they sometimes mistake this glow for the eyes of a potential hunting animal. It is recommended to use a wildlife camera with 950nm LEDs, such as the SM4PRO Wild Camera .

Wildlife camera Aldi: speed

The speed of the wildlife cameras is an important functionality. An animal such as a deer that runs by does not need much time to pass the game camera. If the sensors do not see the animal until too late, this will result in incorrect shots. The trigger speed of the Aldi wildlife camera is around 1 second. The average speed for entry-level models is about 0.5 seconds (twice as fast!). Our wildlife cameras with WiFi and APP have a trigger speed of 0.4 to 0.2 seconds.

Wild camera aldi: the range

The range of a wildlife camera can be measured with the detection angle and the standard range. Aldi does not provide transparency about its detection range. We have not yet tested and measured this, but it is expected that they have about 100 degrees of detection range (in width). This is not bad but could be a lot better if you are willing to pay a little more . It is very important how far the camera can 'see', looking at the results. Often 40 degrees already makes a difference of about 30% in terms of good observations. The Aldi Wildcamera has a range of +/- 10 meters, according to our test.

If you want to see 30% more in width and be able to observe twice as far, then take a look at our Dutch wildlife cameras , which are all equipped with at least 120 degrees of detection and a 20m distance.

Wild camera Aldi: ease of use

Depending on your wishes and needs, there are some requirements when purchasing a wildlife camera. Do you want to view the images on an LCD screen on the wildlife camera? That is not possible with the Wildcamera from Aldi. You can view the images with a cable between the wildlife camera and your computer. Personally, we prefer a wildlife camera with WiFi , which is often used in the garden to view the images via the APP without dismantling the camera. Do you have no problem hanging the camera somewhere and taking the camera back home every time you want to view the images? Then Aldi's wildlife camera could do something for you.

Our verdict: Aldi Wildcamera

Aldi's wildlife camera has proven to be a good solution for many people. Unfortunately, the majority of at least our (regular) customers have indicated that they have returned the wildlife camera. Mainly because of the 'poor' image quality and night images. Our advice is to look carefully at the specifications as described above and decide for yourself whether this '€90 bargain' from Aldi is worth it. For just €29 more you can use our Dutch entry-level model with excellent customer reviews and experiences. Test it yourself, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We hope this information has helped you!