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Wild animals in action: Top 5 wildlife camera shots

It's always exciting to see what goes on in the wild when people aren't around. Thanks to wildlife cameras, we get an exclusive glimpse into the fascinating world of animals. In this article we reveal five of the most incredible moments captured by wildlife cameras. These shots captured animals that are extremely difficult to photograph, and some that we thought were extinct.

The elusive Javan tiger

The Javan tiger, once ruler of the jungles on the island of Java, was considered extinct in the 1970s. However, to our surprise, an image was captured by a wildlife camera in Ujung Kulon National Park in 2021. This sensational moment showed that these majestic animals may still roam the depths of Java's jungles.

WildcameraXL Javanese Tiger Captured With Wildcamera

The nightlife of the noctule

The Noctule is one of the largest bats in Europe and is known to be extremely difficult to photograph due to their fast, nocturnal lifestyle. Thanks to the innovative night vision function of a wildlife camera, a fascinating scene was captured of a Noctule in full flight, something that would be almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

WildcameraXL Bat Trapped With a Wildlife Camera

The adventure of the Saola

The Saola, also known as the Asian unicorn, is one of the rarest and endangered mammals in the world. With estimates of fewer than 250 adult Saolas in the wild, it was an almost supernatural occurrence when a wildlife camera in Vietnam captured a Saola roaming the forests.

WildcameraXL Saola Asian Unicorn Caught With A Wild Camera

The prowl of the Amur leopard

Amur leopards, with an estimated population of less than 100 in the wild, are almost as rare as they are beautiful. A wildlife camera in the Russian Far East captured a stunning photo of this rare and beautiful big cat in its natural habitat, a glimpse of hope for the species.

WildcameraXL Amur Panther Captured With A Wildlife Camera

The Secret Life of the Mountain Tapir

Mountain tapirs are shy, nocturnal and live in the impassable mountains of South America, making them extremely difficult to photograph. But thanks to a wildlife camera in the Peruvian Andes, we got a rare glimpse into the secret life of this enchanting species.

WildcameraXL Tapir Caught With A Wildlife Camera

How can you capture these unique moments yourself?

You will not easily find a tiger or a saola in the Netherlands. But there are many animals in the Netherlands that are not easy to photograph. Now that you've seen these incredible moments, you might want to take on the challenge of photographing rare animals yourself. Here are some tips:

  • Choose the right wildlife camera: Invest in a camera with night vision and motion sensors.
  • Placement is essential: Place the camera in places where you see animal tracks, such as paths or water sources.
  • Be patient: It may take weeks to get the perfect photo. Be patient and keep trying.
  • Respect nature: Do not disturb the natural environment of the animals. Remember, we are guests in their home.

Successfully placing your wildlife camera can ensure that your photo can help keep track of the animal population in your region.

Bring shy animals closer with your wildlife camera

Wildlife cameras are powerful tools that give us a glimpse of wildlife like we've never seen before. From the Javan Tiger to the Mountain Tapir, these cameras have proven their ability to bring us closer to nature than ever before. With the right camera and some patience, you too can participate in this exciting world of wildlife photography.

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