De 5 grootste wildcamera voordelen
Wildcamera tips

The 5 biggest wildlife camera advantages

The overview below explains the 5 major advantages of using a wildlife camera. This list has been drawn up between us and our customers based on customer interviews and surveys (after purchase and use of the wildlife camera).

Advantage 1: You can find out completely automatically what is walking around in your garden or forest

A wildlife camera is ideal for garden observation. More than 80% of our customers indicate that they use a wildlife camera to observe the garden. Because animals naturally live outside 24 hours a day, there is a huge chance that a wildlife camera can shoot a huge number of images in a garden or forest. How does it work? Wildlife cameras contain sensors and infrared lamps that respond to movement or heat transfer, so a wildlife camera user can be assured that if something is walking around, the wildlife camera will detect this. Observing a garden is ideal with a wildlife camera with WiFi.

“Nowadays I know exactly what is in our garden” – Paul Segers

Benefit 2: Observe animal behavior without people being around.

The second advantage of a wildlife camera is of course that you see the animals in their completely natural habitat . There are no people around to take the animals into account, so the images will only show animals that are 'themselves'. Because animals are shy of people, they usually disappear before you can observe them. Let alone take a nice photo or video of them. Because the wildlife cameras are 100% invisible (camouflaged and without lights), it is ideal for taking unique pictures!

Advantage 3: It is very educational

Become an expert in your own living area, garden or forest! Do you find it interesting to see what patterns certain animal species have, how they move themselves and what kind of interaction they have with other conspecifics or animals? Because the animals do not take into account 'dangers' from humans, they will remain in a certain place longer to carry out their (not so often seen) habits at their leisure. For example, according to our users, it is extremely educational to watch martens or hedgehogs, but also birds.

Benefit 4: Surprise friends and family

What many wildlife camera users indicate is that they enjoy showing their neighbors, friends or family which animals have become 'guests' in the area. It is easy to get the images on a mobile or tablet, which makes it extra fun to share or show the images to each other.

show wildlife camera photo

Advantage 5: Wildlife cameras can serve multiple purposes

Many people think that game cameras are only for hunters. Although often used by hunters, their applications are endless. Awildlife camera with WiFi is used, especially if you want to receive live images remotely (such as hunters or nature managers). However, wildlife cameras are also widely used as security cameras by documentary makers and hobby photographers. Last but not least, many people love receiving a wildlife camera as a gift!

wildlife camera as a gift

Would you like to know more about wildlife cameras or do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!