Wildcamera kopen: waar moet ik op letten?
Wildcamera tips

Buying a wildlife camera: what should I pay attention to?

Buy a wildlife camera based on your needs

If you plan to buy a wildlife camera, it is important that you first have a clear goal in mind for yourself. There are different types of wildlife cameras that can meet different needs. Do you want to buy a wildlife camera to observe your garden? Or do you want to use a wildlife camera to observe a certain location or object unseen? Not every type has the same functions or options, so first determine which type of device suits you.

The different types of wildlife cameras in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands you can currently buy 3 different types of wildlife cameras. Namely a wildlife camera with WiFi , a wildlife camera with solar panel and a standard wildlife camera . Each type has different capabilities. Below I will explain what you can take into account.

Buy a wildlife camera with WiFi

A wildlife camera with WiFi makes it possible to download the images from the camera directly to your mobile, tablet or PC at no extra cost (without the use of a cable). The advantage of this is that you do not have to disassemble the wildlife camera to view the images again. This type of wildlife camera has its own WiFi network to which you can connect your mobile device (up to approximately 3 meters away). About 80% of the market who buy a wildlife camera with WiFi use it to observe wildlife in the garden.

buy a wildlife camera with WiFi

TIP: if you would like to easily observe your garden or forest, use a wildlife camera with WiFi as a garden observation camera. Read more about wildlife cameras with WiFi here.

Buy a standard wildlife camera

If you are looking for a simple wildlife camera without applications or connections, a standard wildlife camera might be something for you. Most people who buy a standard wildlife camera don't mind going to the camera once a week and reading it with a cable (via PC or laptop). The advantage of a standard wildlife camera is that it is easy to use and is often cheaper to purchase.

buy a standard wildlife camera

Buy a wildlife camera with SIM card

A wildlife camera with SIM card is the most complex type, but of course also has the most options. Would you like to be able to watch live through the app what is happening in front of the wildlife camera? Which can! However, it is true that a SIM card must be placed in the wildlife camera. This is standard with the camera, and in some cases it is also possible to insert your own SIM card. Sending a photo costs on average 0.2 euro cents and sending a video about 0.5 euro cents. Are you hesitating to buy a wildlife camera with SIM card? Be sure to ask the selling party how the specific wildlife camera works and what the costs are.

Buy a wildlife camera with SIM card

Tips for buying a wildlife camera

Below are a few additional tips for purchasing your wildlife camera. We have spoken to many customers over the years and received useful feedback. This way we know what nature lovers encountered, what they liked and what they liked less.

The benefits of buying a Dutch wildlife camera

If you do not speak English fluently or have some difficulty with technical concepts, purchasing an English-language wildlife camera is not recommended. We have noticed that the target group from 55+ in particular benefits greatly from a camera with a Dutch manual, customer service and software. If you speak English well, you can of course also choose to buy a wildlife camera from abroad.

buy a wildlife camera in Dutch

Buy a good wildlife camera for the long term

If you have purchased a wildlife camera, you naturally want to use it for as long as possible. You also want the quality to meet your needs. We often see that the user of a wildlife camera from Lidl or Aldi quickly has problems with the cheaper devices. The quality of the budget models is also often disappointing. If you want to view beautiful and clear images, it is recommended that you choose a device with good specifications. As the old saying goes: 'cheap is expensive'.

Wild camera example video mid/high segment:

Use your wildlife camera safely

The last tip is one to definitely take into account. Unfortunately, it is common for wildlife cameras to be stolen 'in the wild' by passers-by. Do you want to prevent this? Then see if you can use a lock when hanging your wildlife camera. Ten reps may be sufficient, but this is easy to cut. Preferably you can use an iron wire or purchase a wildlife camera lock.

buy a wildlife camera lock

Do you have any questions or can we advise you on something? Please let us know!